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The concept for SiteGenesis is to provide a one-stop shop for small businesses who want a web presence but either don’t have the time or the skills to create one. Creating a web site and related social media presence takes time that small business owners often don’t have and could better spend on doing what they do best. SiteGenesis offers hosting, creation and maintenance of websites and social media accounts. In collaboration with the small business owner SiteGenesis can maintain all of the sites and accounts, worry free.

Our Services

We work with the client to provide the best hosting solution, design beautiful responsive websites and maintain content, including social media


SiteGenesis provides the very best hosting package for you. As small or as large as you require. Invoice monthly or annually, whatever fits your budget.

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SiteGenesis works with you to create a functional and beautiful website. You don’t have to worry about SEO or any of the technical requirements.

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SiteGenesis offers full-service sites where I will also manage the social media aspects as well as maintaining all content on the site for you.

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We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

All sites that we provide are responsive, mobile friendly implementations. So it will work wherever it is viewed

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